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HeartBeats Wallpaper Enhancer

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Bring your Android to life with HeartBeats!HeartBeats gives your phone a beating heart that beats faster and slower depending on how hard your phone is working. Customize your heart to fit you and your android. You can change the size, color, speed, angle, location, lighting, and even make your own custom hearts leaving you with unlimited choices.
HeartBeats enhances your wallpaper by letting you set the background to whatever you currently use or want. From there add-on a new heart and watch the life begin.
Visit our website to download custom hearts, read the custom heart guide, or just to keep up with the latest with us here at Silent Effects. Represent your favorite person, place, thing or just yourself and make your Android engaging to watch with HeartBeats!
All custom hearts are free to download on our website and more will be added in the future for your convenience.
[Versions included for Spanish and Chinese]
Made in the USA by Silent Effects LLC

[FAQs]My screen is black after changing settings, what's wrong?HeartBeats loads the heart models and images once at the start to keep it running smooth. It will start soon!
The wallpaper crashed when I first opened it, is it broken?We've found certain models of phones have an issue with the CPU responsive option initially. You can try going to settings and disabling the "CPU Responsive" option in the "Heart Customizations" menu. Disable "Dynamic Lighting" in the "Dynamic Lighting" menu. Also try choosing the "Classic Heart (64-bit)" to start. Re-open the app then re-enable the options once it's working. If all else fails please refund your app and send us an e-mail at so we can get it working for you!
Why does everything keep flashing?You can disable "Light Swing" in the "Dynamic Lighting" menu to stop the flashing. In some setups the light swing can add an interesting and engaging effect.
My background image is distorted, how do I fix that?The background images need to be the correct size for your phone screen, or they will be scaled to fit. Please resize or crop your background in your favorite editor to the correct size.
Will HeartBeats drain my battery?HeartBeats only runs when you can see it. It was created and optimized with battery life in mind. No battery worries!
What are the two areas in the bottom of the custom heart template?Those two areas color the back of the heart.
Where can I download some of the custom hearts shown in the ads?Custom hearts can be found on our website for free! You may also create your own using the guide at the website.
I chose my custom background/heart skin but the old one is still showing up, why?Please be sure to select "Classic Heart (Custom)" or "Custom" for your background/heart first.
Can I submit my custom hearts to be shown on the website?Feel free to e-mail your custom heart skin to . It may be selected to be put on the website or reposted to social media.
Where are the settings? How do I use this?You'll find HeartBeats under your live wallpapers in the system settings menu.
[Known issues]-Initial loading times can be long. There is no loading screen.-Moving the heart far to the left or right side of the screen in landscape mode may cause some distortion.